Sandwich Panel, Cold Air Storage
Cold Room Sandwich Panels
It can be used in steel sheet and galvanized sheet if desired in the production of cold room panels. This is directly proportional to where the panel is to be used.
Cold room panels are interlocked and assembled. It is also very simple to move logically as it is made from demolition pieces.
After the cold room panels are mounted to each other, it is checked whether there are any problems at the connection points through certain tests.
In some reservoirs the products stay for months and nobody controls for a long time.

Isotope sandwich panels form structures that allow food and drug products to be stored properly under the desired conditions. Structures formed with 42 kg / m³ density sandwich panels provide a true thermal insulation and provide modular construction for mounting in desired sizes and heights.

Sandviç Panel Kalınlıkları;
6 cm. / 8 cm.  /  10 cm.  /  12 cm. /  15 cm.   

(Panel sizes will be specially designed for you)
The surfaces of the sandwich panels do not stain, they are easily cleanable. The accessories used during the assembly are antibacterial, so that the structures we build create a completely hygienic environment. One of the most effective methods of prolonging the shelf life of food products and preserving their freshness is to give ozone gas.
More than 40 thousand bacteria, microbes and dust cannabis can survive on the dust particles in the cold chambers.

These dusts float in cold rooms. Larger than these dust particles, due to their gravity, they collapse with the effect of gravity, but small particles remain in the air.

  Sandwich Panel Technical Specifications