Cold Room Door Systems
Cold Room Door Systems
Cold air warehouse multipurpose doors are manufactured from imported hair according to the specifications of the unit to be used with galvanized painted, chrome plated, pvc coated in the direction of customer demand with scratch-proof surface protection system during production and assembly.
At no point in the standard model cold air storage doors, the front and rear hulls are fitted with state-of-the-art technology, independent of each other, to create a heat bridge and maximize the insulation. Aluminum profiles are returning.
All the points of the cold room crash doors are produced by injecting polyurethane in 42 density polyurethane, insulating material in 40 kg / m3 density.
The hinged doors feature door fittings that combine a front sheet and a rear sheet to form a specially designed heat bridge.
Soft, insulated, flexible door tires and 100% isolation preventive door tires that are in full contact with the surface are mounted on the door.
Cold air storage door hinges are eccentric (up shield, has a hinge system).