Cold Room Sliding Door Systems
Cold Room Sliding Door Systems
Wing in sliding single wing doors; front and back surfaces are made of imported hair with galvanized paint, pvc coated or inks (chrome) scratch-resistant surface protection system to increase the strength of the front surface 0,70 mm + back surface 0,70 mm. For the first time in the world, thick hair application on the surfaces applied by inova cooling provides long years usage of the products and minimized impact on the doors. The doors can be manufactured in the desired thickness and the desired dimensions up to 4 m * 4 m in 4-6-8-10-12 cm thickness in single leaf sliding doors.
All of the cold storage sliding doors are turned into heat bridged, aluminum frames with anodized protection against corrosion.
All of the cold air storage sliding doors are filled with 100% polyurethane raw material, produced and subjected to production band controls to obtain products.
At all points of cold room doors, 42 density polyurethane is produced by injecting insulation material at a density of 40 kg / m3.
There are no side products other than polyurethane material in the cold air storage doors, but the doors are made up of individual products which are injected with polyurethane in special molds according to the desired dimensions.
The resistance (heating cable) is applied to the concealed, capped, ductwork around the door so that the door tires do not freeze in the doors to be applied at - ° C negative units and the door frame is completely wound around the sliding doors to enable the doors to be actively operated.
For doors that will operate at - ° C negative ratings, there is a resistance system that can be connected directly to the city network 220 V without the need for any additional intermediate material.
Door wings, curtains and all accessories are certified with ISO 9001 and 2008 quality certificates and all products have good hygiene certificates in terms of conformity to European norms and food regulations.

Cold Room Sliding Doors